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5520 A



    Fluke - Precision 5520A/6-2 Multi-Product Calibrator

  • Source
    • DC and AC voltage and current
    • Multiple waveforms and harmonics
    • Two simultaneous voltage/current outputs
    • Simulate DC and AC power with phase control
    • Resistance, capacitance, thermocouples and RTDs
  • Measure
    • Thermocouple temperature
    • Humidity and pressure (with included probe and pressure modules)
  • Calibrate
    • Analog and digital meters up to 6 1/2 digits
    • Thermocouple and RTD thermometers
    • Process calibrators
    • Data loggers, strip and chart recorders
    • Wattmeters and power harmonics analyzers
    • Current clamps and clamp meters
    • Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes
    • Panel meters and graphical multimeters
    • Power meters, disturbance analyzers, power quality monitors, and other power quality related equipment

Performance Characteristics of the 5520A/6

Form Factor Benchtop
Type Multifunction
DC Volts Minimum Range 0 V
DC Volts Maximum Range 1000 V
DC Volts No. of Ranges 6 QTY
DC Volts Range Steps 1/10/100
DC Volts Minimum Resolution 0.01 uV
DC Volts Maximum Resolution 1020 uV
DC Volts Basic 1 yr accuracy 0.0018 %
AC Volts Minimum Range 1 mV
AC Volts Maximum Range 1020 V
AC Volts No. of Ranges 6 QTY
AC Volts Range Steps 1/10/100
AC Volts Minimum Frequency 10 Hz
AC Volts Maximum Frequency 500 kHz
AC Volts Minimum Resolution 1 uV
AC Volts Maximum Resolution 10 mV
AC Volts Basic 1 Year Accuracy 0.8 %
DC Current Minimum Range 0 A
DC Current Maximum Range 20.5 A
DC Current No. of Ranges 8 QTY
DC Current Range Steps 1/10/100
DC Current Minimum Resolution 1 nA
DC Current Maximum Resolution 100 uA
DC Current Basic 1 yr accuracy 0.1 %
AC Current Minimum Range 29 uA
AC Current Maximum Range 20.5 A
AC Current No. of Ranges 7 QTY
AC Current Range Steps 1/10/100
AC Current Minimum Resolution 0.1 uA
AC Current Maximum Resolution 5000 uA
Resistance Minimum Range 0 Ohm
Resistance Maximum Range 1100 MOhm
Resistance No. of Ranges 17 QTY
Resistance Range Steps 1/10/100
Resistance Minimum Resolution 0.0001 Ohm
Resistance Maximum Resolution 10000 Ohm
Resistance Basic 1 yr accuracy 1.5 %
Minimum Frequency 0.01 Hz
Maximum Frequency 600 MHz
Frequency Resolution 0.01 Hz
Frequency Accuracy 0.0025 %
Connector Type to DUT BNC,screw-post


Onsite Calibration Services 

SpectroPhotometer PE.

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